title Cooperation Start in Sterilizing Business & Turkey & Bulgaria
Release Date 20-04-09 name Nedim
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content Hello ,

Please be kind to respond in timely manner. Thanks in advance...

Dear Madam/ Sir,

Let me briefly introduce myself ; This is Nedim , You may see my background from my linkedin link shared below;

I am the partner of “360 Management” company which is established in Bulgaria and actively run in Turkey & Bulgaria due to my double citizenship . I am located in Turkey city Bursa. ( 3M population and most industrialized city of Turkey! )

We have a partner company in Korea called ATS and you may also see their link as follow ; ( excellent gentleman they are )

So far we have been more “wire harness in automotive & white good” related global trading oriented business as well as consultancy service but after this world wide covid19 pandemic threat ,world will never be same as before and we also agreed with Korean partners to diversify / enrich our business range generating more value in our effective region ( EMEA).

I asked my partners in Korea ; since Korea is considered and accepted as one of most successful company worldwide against covid19 pandemic ; What type of service or products are in use in Korea at daily life . They shared to me that antivirus film application and your company came out as an option .

If you do not have any business cooperation ( for your product range ) in Turkey & Bulgaria or maybe just Turkey ; together with Korean partners we would like to discuss with you possibility of cooperation starting with that film but cover all you product range that can lead to long term business relationship under kind of exclusivity .
Your “anti-virus product” could be very good chance for start up but sure your product range is very much interesting as full range in the region to extend .

We do have large network to introduce and ready to take such challenge to prove our ability with right product , time and right solution partnership understanding / team .

Therefore I would like to have kind of “conf call with our Korean partner participation ( maybe they can even visit you ) and discuss with you such cooperation possibility frame and roadmap. ( could be over skype which m link is below)

Please be kind to respond fast . As you know covid19 time is 2020 to make a such start-up and additionally there will be huge recession in world-wide , would like to take some new position asap .

Thanks in advance and looking forward of hearing from you .

Best Regards / İyi Çalışmalar.

Nedim Yildiz
Co - Founder

Adres : 23 Nisan Mah. Ata Blv.
Gizemler Plaza 3- No : 5
Nilufer / Bursa / TURKEY
Mob/whatsApp : +90 532 345 2617
E- Mail :

Company Name : Nanorex Co., Ltd.
Head Office : 913-29, Hwaseong-ro, Mado-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
TEL : +82-1661-5848   A/S Center : +82-1661-3848   FAX : +82-505-969-6969
Major Business Field : KF94 Mask, Heat recovery ventilating system, IR film, functional film, Intelligent sterilizing system
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